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Ep 16 – Jerrold Wiebe

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In this episode, Kyle and Dean chat with Jerrold Wiebe (@Jerroldwiebe), a Numeracy & Mathematics Consultant and a part of the Building Thinking Classrooms Canadian team.

A “legacy” teacher with over 35 years of experience in education, ranging from classroom teaching to district math lead, Jerrold shares his journey from being introduced to Building Thinking Classrooms and how it has revolutionized his approach to teaching and learning. We discuss the profound impact of Thinking Classrooms, highlighting stories of student transformation, the importance of fostering a culture of lifelong learning among educators, and the strategic shifts that educators can make to enhance student engagement and understanding. Jerrold’s reflections on professional development, alongside his vibrant anecdotes, offer invaluable insights into fostering educational environments that challenge and inspire both students and teachers alike.

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Enter to win a free set of Wipebook Flipcharts for your Thinking Classroom: ⁠www.wipebook.com/TTT⁠ In this…
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