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Ep 17 – Peter & Maegan’s K-5 Task Book

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Join Kyle and Dean as they engage in a lively conversation with Peter Liljedahl and Maegan Giroux about the newest addition to the world of Building Thinking Classrooms: Mathematics Tasks for the Thinking Classroom, Grades K-5. This book is specially crafted for K-5 educators and goes beyond being just a collection of tasks. It encapsulates years of research and classroom experience from the Thinking Classrooms approach, providing a comprehensive guide that combines effective pedagogy with engaging tasks to ignite student thinking.

From the official release of the book to in-depth discussions about curricular and non-curricular tasks, perseverance levels, and the intricacies of crafting tasks that spark curiosity and encourage deep thinking, this episode is packed with insights. You’ll hear firsthand how the book came to life, the philosophy that underpins it, and how it’s set to make a difference in classrooms around the world. Tune in to hear more about this newly available resource and even more ideas on how to build your Thinking Classroom.

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