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Ep 18 – Alicia Burdess

In this episode, Maegan and Kyle are delighted to welcome Alicia Burdess (@BurdessAlicia), a math coach and numeracy lead from Grand Prairie Catholic School District. Alicia shares her inspiring journey from aspiring sports doctor to a passionate math educator and leader. She discusses her deep love of Building Thinking Classrooms and how it transformed her teaching approach. Alicia passionately talks about the power of ‘big, beautiful problems’ in mathematics education and how they can engage students of all ages. She also shares insights from her experience running math camps and the joy of connecting math concepts with children’s literature. Alicia also gives us a glimpse into her self-published children’s book, ‘The Dragon Curve,’ and its magical approach to teaching fractals. Tune in for an episode filled with enthusiasm, innovative teaching strategies, and a celebration of joyful learning in math.

Alicia’s Problems Worth Solving in a Thinking Classroom.

Books mentioned by Alicia in the episode:

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