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Ep 10 – The Art of the Close

Join Kyle, Dean, and Maegan as they share the latest insights gleaned from Peter Liljedahl on the new ideas taking hold in Thinking Classrooms.

They take a deep dive into the art of crafting a Thinking Classroom lesson, dissecting the distinct phases of launch, body, and close. Explore how the nature of your task, be it divergent or convergent, shapes the optimal approach to concluding your lesson. Discover three new methods for wrapping up sessions: delve into the power of notice and name consolidation, embrace the collaborative notes strategy, and spice up your check for understanding with the mild-medium-spicy approach. Tune in for practical tips on seamlessly incorporating these freshly-developed closing techniques into your own Thinking Classroom. Elevate your teaching game with this enriching episode!

See below for some images of each in action:

At the end, Dean mentions Tim Brzesinski’s (@TimBrzezinski) BTC rubric which you can find here: http://tinyurl.com/BTCrubric

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