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Ep 11 – Jared is Back

In this episode Jared Sliger (⁠@jared_sliger⁠) is back to chat with Kyle and Dean.

Their discussion revolves around practical tips for engaging parents and involving them in the process of the Thinking Classroom. Jared shares his experience with a successful ‘family night’ held at his school intended to give parents a first-hand experience with Thinking Classrooms. He stresses the importance of open communication with parents, dispelling fears of ‘new math’, and encouraging fellow teachers not to shy away from trying something new with their students.

Jared’s Family Night Invitation Video: ⁠https://youtu.be/gGpSaTOgqb8?si=1DqoBNKU–P6Z0xY

Jared’s Consulting Commercial: ⁠https://youtu.be/TypVFW4ymCc?si=IFPE5I8sIEesLJS3 ⁠

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