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Ep 12 – Brian Jackson

In this episode, hosts Kyle and Dean have a conversation with Brian Jackson. With over three decades of teaching experience, Brian offers unique insights into the transformative power of the Thinking Classrooms methodology.

Listeners are given a front-row seat to Brian’s journey into Thinking Classrooms, starting with his initial reluctance to explore something new, to his deliberate exploration, and finally his resounding endorsement based on his students’ experiences. During the conversation, Brian shares valuable anecdotes and practical examples from his classroom, shedding light on how student choice and tiered challenges can drastically enhance the learning experience. His experiences make a compelling case for the impact of the Thinking Classrooms approach on both students and teachers.

Whether you are a novice in the world of Thinking Classrooms or an experienced advocate, this episode promises rich learning perspectives and welcomes you to join the conversation about reimagining education.

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