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Ep 5 – Peter Liljedahl

In this episode, Dean, Maegan and Kyle interview Peter Liljedahl (⁠@pgliljedahl⁠), author of ⁠Building Thinking Classrooms⁠ and lead researcher behind the transformational teaching practices.

We discuss the popularity of the book and how it has become a game-changer for educators worldwide. Explore new and innovative methods for consolidation and notemaking that empower students to become active thinkers and problem solvers in the classroom. Uncover the power of making subtle yet impactful tweaks to teaching practices, resulting in significant improvements in student engagement and achievement.

We delve into the fascinating concept of recognizing and supporting productive struggle among student groups. Peter also sheds light on the issue of students being burdened by an excess of algorithmic knowledge that inhibits their creativity. We also discuss the emergence of AI like ChatGPT, how it impacts Thinking Classrooms, and how educators can harness this technology to support student thinking.

Peter shares his thoughts on why behavior rubrics may not be having their desired impact and shares a personal source of inspiration in the field of math education.

Finally, we explore what lies ahead in the realm of Thinking Classrooms including where the research is heading and a few new books to look forward to.

Book: ⁠Choosing to See: A Framework for Equity in the Math Classroom

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